Welcome to Aqua Tech RO

Aqua Tech RO is a leader in UV water purification systems for Residential, Commercial, Industrial and Waste water segments. An ISO 9001 company with ISI marked products, Aqua Tech RO's UV systems deliver purified water from just 10 litres to 1000 litres per day.

Aqua Tech RO is at work disinfecting and purifying every kind of water, across markets and applications . You will find Aqua Tech RO UV systems at work in homes, in commercial establishments, the pharmaceutical industry, the food and beverage industry & the paint industry, among others. In its endevour to conserve water for future generations, Aqua Tech RO’s UV systems are also at work in the disinfection and reuse of waste water.

With its outstanding track record in the UV business covering drinking, process, and waste water segments, Aqua Tech RO has become an undisputed leader with the distinction of being the application experts in UV.